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Secrets to Mastering Meditation


Live your dharma with  intention and
not in the drama...

From Chaos to Calmness:

You are exhausted of the chaos and seeking external objects to fulfill your life thinking that this will help you alleviate the emptiness you are feeling.

You are aware that this is not the way one should live, right? You have heard that meditation has scientific evidence that it calms the monkey brain and  can reduce stress symptoms but all of this brings confusion on how to start, it overwhelms you to choose which meditation is right for you and at the end, you end up not meditating at all due to  not being sure on how to start a daily spiritual practice.

You have spent SO much valuable time complaining that you are not reaching your life goals, you are constantly caught up in the drama instead of living your dharma that you’re having anxiety and panic attacks which leads to depression and the idea of bringing calmness to your life sounds like a dream. Is this you?

Does this resonate?

You're Craving MENTAL Peace and Calmness, I get it.

What if I told you there is a program that will assist you on bringing calmness  and back to wholeness in 40 days?  You have spent the majority of your life wanting a way out of this rollercoaster and now you received a sign of the Universe with your ticket to learn how and to finally make that shift that your heart truly desires!


If you’re seeking to find work-life balance, ways to manage stress,  change your perspective about life and seeking ways to focus and establish mental peace  but consistently feeling overwhelmed, stressed, out of focus and unable to find a practice in your busy schedule, you are at the right place. This digital course will help you achieve routine and balance while feeling less stressed in 40 days. Imagine how your life will feel after you know how to meditate and work with your own energy. 

Maybe you tried with no success or you just realized that this is the pathway you needed and that is what counts. There is no wrong way to meditate however, there are many myths and those we need to get out of the way and bring clarity in order for you not to feel defeated and understand how meditation works on the physiology of the body . This course is tailored for those who are seeking to bring their life from chaos to calmness with an established meditation practice and knowledge to combat stress.  If you are seeking to live a calmer life with balance and mental clarity,  let's start with your journey. YOUR SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE.

Discover the ultimate purpose of meditation

By The End of This Program, You Will...

Meditation offers offers profound physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Establish a daily meditation practice

Discover the silence within—and find the true you. Escape the chaos. 

explore the benefits of meditation for physical well-being and what makes it unique

Meditation is a journey from activity into silence. It's a technique that allows you to settle into quieter and quieter levels of awareness until you experience the pure silence within.

Learn about The art of meditation and mindful awareness 

 Know the W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why: What's Next?

Gain Wisdom of the chakras 

Pure consciousness transforms itself into matter at every point in the universe. However, this  energy is more active and stronger in certain points or places. On the planet, we call such a place a vortex. In the physical body, we call them chakras. 

Identify the flight/fight responses to stress—and learn how to reverse them.

learn the Seven biological responses of stress

All of the above, by being supported by a community in our group coaching where we meet weekly. This offer is limited and will not be added in future enrollments AND this is included in your program at no extra costs to you!

Make a one-time payment and receive a bonus!


I want you to experience a different way of living therefore, this is your  opportunity to invest in your emotional well-being and gift yourself the possibility of paying in installments. 


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Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:

Jennyfer croes

Jamie my spiritual teacher since 2017. I am so grateful for all the healing and the spiritual growth. My life is better because I implemented meditation. Always grateful.

Greg Peterson

I have done over 75 private sessions since 2020, with complete gratitude towards my healing journey.

Luelgi Arendsz

The trauma informed coaching program taught me the spiritual tools needed in order to proceed with my healing journey. Jamie teaches the material in an easy way.

In module one, you’ll learn the foundations of meditation and You’ll also get clear about where you need to focus to set your goals into action for a peaceful life for  sustainable success. This includes identifying and implementing the changes you need to see in order to begin living a calmer life. 

module one

What's Included in the Program


In module two, we learn all about how to set up a meditation practice and have a solid foundation on bringing to chaotic chatter of the brain into a more peaceful and awareness state. 

module two

Your Spiritual Practice

Chronic stress is the culprit of countless health conditions. Heart disease, strokes, obesity, various infections, and some cancers have all been linked to chronic stress. In Eastern traditions, such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine, stress is considered a blocker to the body’s vital channels, preventing the healthy flow of energy and information. You will also learn how to work with energy points known as the chakras.

module three

Stress Management

In module four, you will learn how to apply the specific mindset & proper meditation attitudes in practice and daily life to allow spiritual growth to happen. In addition, you will understand that the true source of happiness does not depend upon external circumstances.

module four

Mind shift

A solid daily meditation practice, knowledge on how to manage your stress  & energy points known as the chakras and a mind shift for spiritual growth.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll receive:

(A $1106 Value)


Can you imagine how your life will look like if you knew how to calm that monkey brain of yours? I know how it feels and you cannot let this opportunity pass.

successfully LEARN how to meditate

Our thoughts and emotions are the foundation for all of our actions and behaviors. Once you know how to master this emotion your life decisions will be done in an awareness state instead. Without any awareness, our actions are unconscious or habitual.

incorporate mindfull awareness 

Everything that happens in the physical body happens first in the subtle body. This illuminates the mind-body connection, bridging the relationship between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When the chakras are clear and awakened, the mind and body become balanced, and we gain full access to higher realms.

wisdom of the chakras

Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:

Plus These Bonuses to Help Your Spiritual Practice


We meet weekly on zoom and discuss the material and answer any questions you may have. (A $700 value)

Weekly clarity on the material and Q & A will be answered.

Participant groups -team work makes the dream work, meet other humans who are riding this wave with you.

Guidance on how to implement the material learned for the week.

weekly group coaching

what you'll get:

This is a community in which we are raising the vibration of the earth together.


Experience these beautiful ceremonies by placing the intention and awakening this energy within you. (A $60 value)

Spring equinox Setting the intention for the new season 

A meditation practice done collectively as a group 

Full Moon blessing - Releasing our past.

ceremonies: Spring equinox and Full moon Ritual Ceremony

what you'll get:

This ceremony we welcome the new beginnings you are experiencing and also learn how to implement sacred rituals in your life.




3 monthly payments of


A One-Time Payment of


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today

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Weekly group coaching - $700 Value

Ceremonies  - $60 Value

Self-Love and Gratitude journal prompts  bonus - $49 Value

total value - $809

When you add it all up, that’s a grand total value of $1106!

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

(A $297 Value)

Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:

If you’re on the fence or other trainings have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every opportunity to put From Chaos to Calmness to work and experience first hand the relief that meditation offers when it comes to bringing mental peace, manage your stress and the mind shifts once you know how to implement this energy.

You have nothing to lose — only time to focus on the vision that drives you every. single. day. By  showing that you tried the program by doing Module 1 and 2 and attending the group coaching calls an evaluation can be made.

Plus you’ll be backed by a 14-day
“try it, test it, apply it”
money back guarantee.

Q: How many hours should I schedule per week in order to get awesome results?
A: From Chaos to Calmness meditation course is a self-paced program, meaning you can invest as many or as few hours each week as your schedule allows. A good rule of thumb would be 1-2 hours per week dedicated to watching the lessons and another 1-2 hours putting them into action (with a meditation practice included).

Don’t forget that you have lifetime access to the program, meaning you get to go at your own pace! :)
Q: I have never meditated before, is this for beginners ? 
A: Like a strong, solid foundation of a house, creating a solid foundation for your spiritual practice will enable you to make smart, strategic, and focused decisions as you build your practice in the months and years to come. Everything you learn in this program will show you how to expertly organize and implement a meditation practice.

This program is the perfect fit for you whether you’re just getting started in your meditation practice, or if you’ve been at it for a while. If you’re just getting started,  you’ll be engineered for sustainable growth from Day 1. If you’ve been at it for a while and are confused about what right next steps you need to feel confident that you are managing stress and meditating effectively, from chaos to calmness  will help you take those necessary steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember, when you start off strong with a solid foundation and the knowledge you will gain, there is no limit for your success!

Q: Do I have a limited amount of time to access this program?
A: Even though, this is a 40 day course, when you purchase from Chaos to calmness meditation course,  you have lifetime access! That means that ALL of the  content is downloadable and you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer so you’ll be able to access it as long as you’d like. 

Q: When I meditate, is it possible that I will be opening myself up to negative forces or negative energies? 

A: When you are meditating, you are in the safest place; when you meditate, you get in touch with yourself. You
are spending time getting to know who you really are. It is like coming home to the safest place you could ever
be. What we may be interpreting as negative may simply be the temporary release of stress that appears or
feels “negative.” This is part of the process of letting go of stress that can be a normal part of meditation.

Q: What is the format of the program? 
A: Once the program begins on the scheduled start date, its contents will be released each week, by session. Group coaching sessions occur at a specific date and time. See course calendar and schedule for dates and times. 



3 monthly payments of


A One-Time Payment of


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Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:

Not ready to do the inner work by identifying your blockages and what is holding you back. (FYI, we will never be ready, we just have to take the leap off faith and trust the process of the Universe.)

Not interested to start a meditation practice or are open to learn the benefits it has on your physiology and mental state.

Not craving to learn, how to apply the specific mindset & proper meditation attitudes in practice and daily life to allow spiritual growth to happen and relief stress on your own.

this is not for you if...

Ready to commit to your own growth and take action on your physical  well-being and emotional health. Feeling not aligned  and grounded is not an option for you anymore.

Ready to implement a  daily meditation practice to start your day in a  peaceful manner.  

 A regulated nervous system with the mind shifts my body is needing in order to adapt this in my advantage and to start my day fresh and calmed.

this is for you if you are... 

Still thinking about it?

You are Craving the Feeling of Calmness and Pure Bliss. 

Close your eyes for a moment and feel the emotions; take a deep breath in and slowly release. That is how you will feel after 40 days together.

My life was chaotic and what brought me clarity and peace was my daily meditation practice. Life will never be the same and if you want to accelerate and manifest your life goals faster, clarity and mind shifts to a focused and structured life is the way to go. 
If you want to learn how to work with your energy points, leave the chaos and ground yourself to be able to heal and work towards the life you deserve. You are right where you belong.

This program will be the offered only this year, therefore, let this be a sign, that the time is NOW. See you February 22, 2022!

I can’t wait for you to join

Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:



3 monthly payments of


A One-Time Payment of



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Secrets to Mastering Meditation

From Chaos to Calmness:

let's do this

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