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I help you self- heal trauma by living a mindful life.  


Secrets to Mastering Meditation


From Chaos to Calmness:


We are spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth.
 Are you living your best life by crushing your goals and taking care of your emotional well-being?

Unable to find a work-life balance, leading a chaotic unfulfilled lifestyle.

If your not living your best life, i have been there as well....

You want to live a life with purpose, be more happy and stay balanced, but if you’re like most people, you probably have this one challenge too. You don't know what you need to do to actually reach those goals and build a life you’re content with. 

 I was also there and I can totally relate if you are....

You crave a community that understands your struggles and is rooting for you to see what magic you bring to the table

You have tried different methods and coaches  but not able to find practical advice that really made you transform and scale my habits 

Your journey is taking forever and would like to accelerate with valuable content and guidance.

This course starts on 22 February 2022 which is an auspicious day. This program is designed to help you begin bringing your life from chaos to calmness, expand your conscious awareness, and begin the foundation of your spiritual practice which is meditation for a happier life from within in 40 days.




From Chaos to Calmness: 
a 40 day Meditation Course 

This is a 7 day retreat starting November 4th until the 11th of 2022.  This is a life transformational retreat where you get to unwind and have a digital detox and align your energy with the power of the volcanoes at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. 


This is a highly customized program tailored to your needs and desires from a personal or business prospective.  The power of having a coach is that is accelerates your journey in a fraction of time  and let's you focus on your area of genius rather than stressing on where to start and figuring things out. My proven methods and frameworks will align you and provide results. Offering 3 and 6 months transformational programs. 

Coaching 1:1 

Build a life and business you don't have to dream about...

yes, it is possible. here is how...



Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of health. Offering a corporate wellness solution that extends beyond traditional wellness programs cultivates healthy habits among employee populations and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee engagement.

corporate wellness

Learn how to balance the body and mind in our modern world using the time-tested tools of Ayurveda, the original 'science of life.’ Incorporating Ayurveda's teachings on healthy nutrition, mindful movement, and aligning with our natural circadian rhythms can help us create healthy habits, validated by science, daily.

Ayurveda Health Program

This 12 week program guided with coaching will transform your life in full circle. In order to keep up with the demand, the 1:1 signature program has been developed and set as a digital course.

Doors open in April 2022.


Be an alchemist 

Imagine how 90 days from now will look like...

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